Welcome to EON, an academic peer review journal!

Eon is an academic peer review journal at its beginning. We hope to publish in our journal articles that will be appreciated by readers from our country and abroad.

We took the initiative to issue an academic journal aligned to international standards, obviously accompanied by emotions, but confident, because we are an experienced team. We aim to contribute to the dissemination of authentic knowledge and to build bridges between all generations of researchers.

Peer review evaluations will support the authors, whenever needed and we will always respect the principle of confidentiality. Given the skills of the editorial team, the pages of the journal will contain researches in the fields of: philosophy, literature, cultural studies, communication sciences, theology and anthropology. As the team will expand, we will also publish studies on history, art and political thinking.

With optimism and, at the same time, with caution, we start a long term project. We hope, thus, for its success. 


The authors are invited to send us the articles ( studies, essays and reviews) for publication, for the first issue, until September, 20th,2020, at: revista.eon2020@gmail.com 

The texts must comply with the specific writing rules of academic publications. Except for studies that are already written in English, the others will be accompanied by the title, abstract, keywords and a short presentation of the author, in English.

Notes and bibliography will be written according to The Chicago Manual of Style. 

The articles are evaluated according to the double-blind peer review procedure and are scanned with a software to detect the similarities.

The journal publishes texts in Romanian, English, French and German, and does not charge fees for proceeding and publishing articles.