Contributori / Contributors:
Eon, vol. 3, nr. 2 / 2022

LUCINDA BOERMANS is a motion design lecturer, interdisciplinary artist, and PhD candidate at Auckland University of Technology. Boermans' research pathway looks to "atmospheres in motion" to realize new "points of crossing" (affective resonance) that could inform the establishment of a new, intercultural art school outside "the institutional norms", here in Aotearoa, New Zealand. Boermans completed a Master of Fine Arts at Elam School of Fine Arts, The University of Auckland in 2021. Exhibited work and presented research includes: Towards a Collective Imaginary, poster presentation, Forum for Global Challenges, Birmingham, UK (2022); Turning, solo show, The Malcolm Smith Gallery, Auckland (2022); Unseen, group show, The Tuesday Club, Auckland (2022); Ecologies of Movement, LINK 2021, AUT, Art and Design Symposium, Auckland (2021); Iteration 12, installation with Michelle Mayn, mothermother, Auckland (2021); Our Symbiotic Habit: Telling Stories of Things That Matter, Paper Presentation, AAANZ conference, Auckland (2020); Meeting Half Way, group show, Projectspace (2020); Materiality in Motion: Ecologies of Transformation, installation, San Diego (2019); Connected Bodies? In Search of the Affective Dimension, paper presentation, AAANZ conference, RMIT, Melbourne (2018); Hingespace, solo show, George Fraser Gallery (2018), Materiality in Motion, poster presentation, 13th Conference of Arts in Society, Vancouver (2018); Performance 2120, showing as part of Wunderuuma (AAG), The Gus Fisher Gallery (2017); Akin, solo show, Objectspace (2017). 

writes poems, short stories, and literary studies. At the start of the millenium she proposed metamodernism as a cultural paradigm and a period term. In 2014 she completed her PhD (Otago, Dunedin) with a thesis about Metamodernism in Literature, followed by a Master of Creative Writing (AUT, Auckland) with the novel Why Don't I Keep a Diary or A Secret Story of Metamodernism. Her work was published in Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia, America, and Europe (Czech Republic, Greece, Romania). She taught at the Universities of Cluj (Romania) and Otago (Aotearoa New Zealand). She lives in Auckland, where she teaches at Manurewa High School and is a PhD Adviser for AUT. Garry Forrester called her "mother of metamodernism" in his 2014 memoir More Deaths Than One.

has a Master degree in Educational Science, a Diploma and Doctoral Degree in Psychology. In her research she combines artificial intelligence with psychological diagnostics.

CRISTIAN PAȘCALĂU is an university assistant at the Department of Romanian Language and General Linguistics, Faculty of Letters, University of Babeș-Bolyai, as well as a peerreview member at Herald Publishing House, Bucharest. He published several studies on cultural semiotics and the universes of discourse. He translated into Romanian J.G. Martínez del Castilloʼs book La lingüística del decir: el logos semántico y el logos apofántico (Lingvistica rostirii: logosul semantic și logosul apofantic, Argonaut & Scriptor, 2011). His academic interests include: linguistics and philosophy of language, cultural semiotics, lexicology, and semantics.

(1981-) was born in Galaţi, Romania. She spent thirteen years abroad, receiving her higher education in the US (Williams College, Harvard University), the UK, and Japan. She has published the novella My Life with Salvador Dalí, by Babou the Ocelot and two poetry volumes: Not Playing God (2016) and Sub Rosa: poems of love and distance (2021). Her poetry has appeared in magazines from the US, the UK, Romania, Germany, and Japan. She is also a translator of the poetic oeuvre of Mihai Eminescu (1850-1889), Romania's foremost poet and cultural personality. 

DRAGOȘ DRAGOMAN, born in 1977, is PhD in Sociology, with a thesis on social capital and democratization. He is Associate Professor with the Department of Political Science, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, where he teaches Political Anthropology and Political Sociology. His main research interests focus on the sociology of religion, Orientalism, Eastern philosophy, and the anthropological analysis of political power. 

is Lecturer Phd. at the Department of Didactics of Social and Humanities Sciences, The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca. She is PhD in Philosophy, with a thesis on the problem of the gift in Derrida's philosophy, published under the title Problema darului şi a donaţiei la Jacques Derrida, Editura Eikon, Cluj-Napoca, 2011. She published also articles and studies in various scientific and cultural journals, in the following fields of interest: contemporary philosophy, deconstruction, phenomenology, hermeneutics, ethics, education research, didactics, cultural studies and art.

is a Ph.D. student at the Doctoral School of Communication, PR, and Advertising, Faculty of Political, Administrative, and Communication Science, within the "Babeș-Bolyai" University of Cluj-Napoca, with a particular interest in researching the digital space and the impact of emerging technology on the individual. His areas of research interest are photography, digital disinformation, and philosophy.