Contributori / Contributors:
Eon, vol. 2, nr. 2/2021

CRISTIAN PAȘCALĂU is an university assistant at the Department of Romanian Language and General Linguistics, Faculty of Letters, University of Babeș-Bolyai, as well as a peerreview member at Herald Publishing House, Bucharest. He published several studies on cultural semiotics and the universes of discourse. He translated into Romanian J.G. Martínez del Castilloʼs book La lingüística del decir: el logos semántico y el logos apofántico (Lingvistica rostirii: logosul semantic și logosul apofantic, Argonaut & Scriptor, 2011). His academic interests include: linguistics and philosophy of language, cultural semiotics, lexicology, and semantics.

is a lecturer at " Lucian Blaga "University of Sibiu and has a PhD in philosophy at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (Doctoral School of Philosophy of the North University Center of Baia Mare). The researcher's fields of interest are: philosophy, literature, religion, journalism, intercultural communication and ethics. His doctoral thesis refers to the Philosophical Structures in the writings of Nichifor Crainic. His works - literary, scientific and didactic - have been published in journals and books in the country and abroad. Between 2016 and 2020, the author was editor-in-chief of Sæculum journal. Starting with 2017, Gabriel Hasmațuchi is a member of the Romanian Writers' Union - Sibiu Branch. Currently, the essayist runs Eon journal - a recently established publication.

ANDREI ZANCA: philological studies in Bucharest and Cluj (simultaneously editor at "Echinox"); teacher of Romanian and foreign languages in Sighisoara until 1992; studies at the University of Freiburg; European specialist in the field of culture; numerous books of poetry since 1984, essays, critique, journalism, numerous translations of books written by German authors; editor of the journal Vatra on the part of Germany and of the journal Alternanțe from Munich.
DRAGOȘ DRAGOMAN, born in 1977, is PhD in Sociology, with a thesis on social capital and democratization. He is Associate Professor with the Department of Political Science, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, where he teaches Political Anthropology and Political Sociology. His main research interests focus on the sociology of religion, Orientalism, Eastern philosophy, and the anthropological analysis of political power. 

Mircea BĂDUȚ is a graduate of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Craiova.  He wrote eleven computer science books. He has written over four hundred technical-scientific articles for magazines in Romania and in Europe. • Short prose and essays published in various periodicals and publications. • He wrote five prose books (fictions and essays).

IULIA-BIANCA PAȘCALĂU is a teacher at the Technological Highschool "Vlădeasa" Huedin, Cluj County. She graduated the University of Babeș-Bolyai, Faculty of Letters, with a Bachelor in Philology degree (French Language and Literature - Romanian Language and Literature), as well as a Master's Degree at the same faculty (The Romanian Language in a Romance Language Context). She published several studies dealing with a Romanian literature topics, among which an approach of Gellu Naum's poem Drumețul incendiar (The Incendiary Traveller), namely its surreal features and meaning construction. Her academic interests include: language and literature studies, education research, linguistics, semiotics, and modal semantics.

SIMINA PÎRVU, PhD student at The University of West from Timisoara, with a thesis on "The Ritual Practices in Banat County. A Level Anaysis: the Culinary Component". Master in Philology, Literature and Culture - Romanian Contexts, European Contexts, Faculty of Letters at The University of West from Timisoara (2018). Secondary School teacher on Romanian Language and Literature department. Contributor in the Digital Collection of Romanian Food Heritage and Transfer to Society (FOODie) (contract PED 569/2020) project, implemented by The University of West from Timisoara. Author of the studies Romanian language vocabulary for secondary school - Operational concepts, Edudel, ISBN: 978- 606-9077-83-2 (2020) and Didactic strategies specific to teaching the Romanian language in V-VIII grades, in order to cultivate students' vocabulary, Arabela, ISBN: 978-606-065-482-7 (2020). She published articles and studies in various scientific and cultural journals, such as Discobolul, Journal of Romanian Literary Studies, Swedish Journal of Romanian Studies, ANADISS, Annales Universitatis Apulensis. Series Philologica, Sæculum. She also participated in several scientific symposiums and conferences.